Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

The morning of Valentine's day started with the kids chomping at the bit to get into their candy, m&ms, lollipops, conversation hearts, and a mini box of Whitman's chocolate candy. They were very happy with their own individual bags. Then it was time for our Valentine's Day breakfast. We had strawberry french toast with bacon, OJ, and Mimosa's (for the adults of course). It was delicious.
Then DH and CJ were off to a birthday party, the two little one's and I stayed at home. Justin was still trying to get over the flu, and Hailey is having some major anxiety issues if she is not within sight of me at all times, and I mean all times-even bathroom time!!!!Lol, is that too much information? Anyway.........When DH and CJ were back from the party we had Herbed chicken with rice, a nice salad and strawberry cupcakes for dessert! Yes it was a wonderful Valentine's day and a budget friendly one spent at home. :)

How was your Valentine's Day, what did you guys do? Any budget friendly ideas for next year?


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