Thursday, February 5, 2009

Weekend Adventure

This past week I talked about how we were going to check out Aldi, the grocery store. We headed there after our trip to Chuck E. Cheese. (you would not think that the economy is suffering by any means if you would have waited in line half an hour to get in that place Saturday, it was crazy!- but the kids had fun!)

Hailey used almost all her tokens riding with Chuck E. Cheese.
(The boys were M.I.A. for any pictures)

So after all the excitement we were on to Aldi. We deposited our quarter to get our cart and we were off. Right away I was surprised at the prices. They have their own brands but also had some name brand items that we use and the prices were lower than the ones that I pay at Food Lion with my MVP. The milk was 3.09 a gallon which is what I usually pay at Sam's Club, the eggs were .59 cent, hamburger buns .85 cent, canned vegetable .49 cent just to name a few of the savings. We ended up with a cart full and our total was $58.62. We did get lots snacks for the Super Bowl but those were a deal so I was happy with the overall price for the amount of things that we left with. I was a little confused when we got to the check out. You put your items on the belt and there is a another cart positioned at the end, the cashier rings the item and just puts it into the other cart (hense the hurried check out). There are bags in slots on the side of the isle, grab those and purchase them with your groceries if you need them. After checking out you move over to a long counter at the front of the store and bag/box (they do have boxes in bins free of charge) your items. When you are done loading your groceries you take your cart back up to the front of the store and "hook" it back up and your quarter will come back to you from the slot you inserted it in. I will visit again and stock up!

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